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BKR Treatments - All inquiries welcome & open for discussion

My preference for you is to set a base line consistency for general maintenance.  Consistent patients are at least once a month with open communication for time between appointments.  If the time is not available on my scheduling site - please add your requested times to waitlist.

Treatments are global directed towards your primary intent & secondary areas.  Specific to the intention stated at session time, techniques are within deep tissue, fascial - visceral, lymphatics & craniosacral.  Post grad education includes - 2 year Biodynamic Fascial Integration Program (whole body) including extra courses : Female Pelvis, Cranial Fascial, Myofascial Mobilization Lumbo Pelvic Region, Lumbosacral in Mexico.  This session model helps restore homeostasis and all sessions are different, meeting the body at current state regarding emotions, trauma, restrictions, consent.


This space only direct bills Blue Cross for massage - if this is a service of interest to you, please have policy / account available at treatment.

Lucia N°03 light experiences have now begun as a Light Practitioner.  This hypnagogic light is ultimate relaxation within the brainwaves mostly of high alpha & theta to create neuro art received by white light.  Lucia is a key to fast pass into other worlds of infinite colors, fractals and shapes that are experienced with a deep meditative practice.  You have the power to access these visual states when not obscured by conscious distractions and thought processes.  Lucia can lower blood pressure, reset your nervous system, improve creativity / motivation / brain function, increase mental clarity, maintain and elevate emotional states, bring awareness to detaching from the physical body - space & time outside of reality.

*Disclaimer* Lucia is not for the following bodies: pregnancy, acute mental breaks, medications sensitive to light, photosensitive epilepsy.

Completed Biodynamics Craniosacral Therapist - spring 2024,  intentionally working at cellular level with all eleven systems of the body at once, recognizing fluid state & amplifying touch sensitivity and spatial awareness. 

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