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Massage Therapy

BKR hybrid session model is best when setting a base line consistency for general maintenance.  Consistent patients are at least once a month with open communication for time between appointments.  Treatments are global directed towards your primary intent & secondary areas.  Primary intention can be relaxation / regulating central nervous system (CNS).  Expect at least 80% of your primary intent to be relieved in one session - this hybrid model is dedicated to bodies who want fast acting relief through hands on techniques that range in pressure depth.  Sensitive topics are open for discussion at time of session such as dense breast tissue, stagnation, discomfort local to your pelvis, scars, head trauma, held emotional states, digestive tract dysfunctions, hormonal imbalances.  After your session, you may find integrating back into your lifestyle sensitive, levels of difficulty are different for each body & may arise in the first 24 hours.  Please be kind to all systems within your body and maintain a comfortable setting if noting any level of difficulty.  Ideally, you are not working out at full throttle maximum level for 1.5 days post session.  If intent is from a sports injury, after your session, you slowly return to your regular setup & be mindful of technique / form that may have caused the initial discomfort.

Specific to the intention stated at your session, techniques are within deep tissue, fascial - visceral, lymphatics & craniosacral.  Post grad technique education includes - two year Biodynamic Fascial Integration Program (whole body) including extra courses : Female Pelvis, Cranial Fascial, Visceral Manipulations 1 & 2, Myofascial Mobilization Lumbo Pelvic Region, Lumbosacral in Bucerias & Thai Massage including foot / hand reflexology in Berlin.  This session model helps restore homeostasis and all sessions are different, meeting the body at current state regarding emotions, trauma, restrictions, consent.  As the body self regulates at an optimal function, you may start noting sessions further apart - that is the ideal treatment plan with this hybrid model.  This is minimal practitioner transference of long term treatments and fully supportive of your inquiries for contact if you would like to have a shorter time frame between sessions.

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