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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Graduate of two year program - Spring 2024,  intentionally working at cellular level with all eleven systems of the body at once, recognizing fluid state & amplifying touch sensitivity and spatial awareness.  Medical benefits billed as a massage therapist.

BCST is contact holds of the lightest touch with minimal movement throughout the session by practitioner, amplifying the body's ability to self heal.  The practitioner's soft touch intention relaxes the central nervous system, releasing restrictions and pressure along the brain and spinal cord, orientating to the body's optimal state of health.  Sessions guide the body through layers of sensitivity, exploring the deep abyss of sensations specific to each being when finding the right practitioner fit who holds a supportive container for the body to freely express on the table.


This is a recount of my experience of craniosacral therapy, to be shared with whoever might be curious about the benefits and side effects of this practice as experienced by an individual with a history of PTSD and persistent back/ body pain.  Before starting craniosacral sessions, I experienced debilitating brain fog, low energy, and unpredictable mood swings - in addition to intrusive thoughts and persistent lower back pain.  All of which had been present from my teens and affected me deeply along with my work, and relationships. 


Prior to finding Brittany's practice, I had sought help from a handful of therapists, and doctors.  Doctors did little to alleviate my symptoms and therapists did even less to address the root of my problems.  I felt so lost and alone in my pain before finding my massage therapist.  When the opportunity was offered to me to try craniosacral by my wonderful and brilliant practitioner, I was ready to try anything in the hopes of even a small improvement to my life.  I had no idea the practice would change everything. 

The sessions at first were just relaxing.  I walked out of the first session feeling like I had just sat on the beach for a week.  The effects would last a few hours before I became violently ill. My intuition was that the sickness was related to the session (no one else in my house got sick).  I felt as though I was detoxing from something that had been left alone far too long within my body.  With the sickness came thoughts - about my past trauma. 

Continuing the sessions became interesting and more intense as visions started.  Initially, it was just colors but I began to see people and situations that accompanied the colors.  To my surprise I even started to have visions of myself - vivid visions.  They were very insightful and I started to feel my body release energy it had been holding for years.  Each session, I felt lighter than the previous - like a toxic energy was being released and I was for the first time in years able to breathe. 

Unlike other methods I had previously used to try to elevate my issues, the results were drastically visible and lasted.  My brain fog decreased - I became more productive.  My emotions began to regulate - I became present.  Anxiety subsided and for the first time in a long time was within my control.  But the best effect was experienced on my last session. 

I shifted.  My being went from being one that lived in trauma and pain to an individual that lived in the present.  I felt a playful almost childish aura from within me.  Its been months and effects remain the same.  I don’t experience physical pain like I used to.  I have found a vibrant energy for my life.  I am a more relaxed and productive person.  Craniosacral was life changing for me - when nothing else worked this did.

I personally feel it addressed the root of much of the trauma that was stored in my body that had been living with me since I was a little girl.


I'm so thankful for this BCST practice and to Brittany, my practitioner.  She changed my life and I am so grateful for the wonderful support, kindness and intuition she brings to her practice.  I am not sure the effects could of been the same had it been anyone else.  She was exactly who I needed.

- a case study of ten BCST 30 minute sessions & previous massage patient of one year

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